In 2018, our Safe Haven Shelter underwent major renovations and in order for the renovations to be successful, we had to have the support of our community. The parents of one of the children in the video, along with their Sunday School Class, were contributors and leaders in organizing and securing items needed to make our Safe Haven Shelter a home to victims of domestic violence. And while items for the Safe Haven Shelter were being gathered, the daughters of two of the leaders of this project were behind the scenes collecting money for the Safe Haven Shelter by going door to door in their neighborhoods and one of the girls even sold her hand-painted canvases! Then the final show of passion for helping victims of domestic violence was presented, a video asking others to help!

Raleigh told her friend Anna Belle about Iva’s Place and they decided to make a video to ask people to help Iva’s Place. In the video, the girls tell you their definition of domestic violence and how you can help people that are being hurt. For them, it’s simple…. “Your money goes where your attention goes and $20 goes a long way”!

Please consider taking Raleigh and Anna Belle’s challenge and the next time you go shopping, will you make a donation to Iva’s Place? Donating $20 to our Safe Haven Shelter does go a long way, it helps us buy groceries or can help pay an electricity bill, take a victim of domestic violence to a medical appointment, can pay for diapers or formula, helps pay a portion of our security surveillance bill, or various other costs associated with operating a Safe Haven Shelter.