As a federally funded program, our Clients are encouraged to complete an anonymous survey at the completion of each service offered by our Iva’s Place Advocates and Safe Haven Care Specialists. The surveys allow us to evaluate our services, our service delivery and if we are meeting client needs. Client surveys allow for clients to provide feedback, if there is something specific that cannot be captured by the surveys but they feel is important to share. The comments below have been taken from Client Surveys and are testimonials as to how Iva’s Place has not only had a positive impact on their lives but has left a long-lasting impression on theirs and their children’s lives.

“The staff meeting me at my level and taking the time to listen and understand.  It wasn’t fake on their part.  It was beyond getting paid to do a job.”

“I am appreciating everything.”

“The whole experience to me is breathtaking.”

“Peace of mind and kindness.”

“Everyone truly cares about us, the clients. It really shows and is appreciated.”

“I mostly enjoy the love that is displayed on a daily basis.”

“The Staff!”

“Every service that was given.”

“Staff’s inspirational quotes.”

“I feel safe.”

“I had the best time with Elree yesterday.  I wanted to be around her.  She is like – it felt like – a big sister.  I feel safe when I’m with her, like she won’t let anything bad happen to me.”

“The staff is kind and understanding.”

“How much they help you.”

“Being safe, and having a nice place to stay. Helped in my time of need.”

“My overall experience with Iva’s Place – I rate it at a 10!”

“Iva’s Place staff anticipates my needs before I realize what they are when I am in distress.”

“Very spacious and clean!”

“The home environment and caring staff.”

“Staff’s time and efforts.”

“How kind the staff is.”

“I am currently enjoying the whole experience.”

“The very nice staff.”

“Everything is exceptional.”


“I appreciate the willingness of the staff. I really enjoy the fact that they care.”

“The support system is incredible! The peace and help that Iva’s Place gives is also wonderful!”

“It’s a beautiful home.”

“Staff’s support and guidance. The home provided.”

“I finally feel safe.”